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Spell check of Businesses

Correct spelling:
businesses (noun)
specialties, firms, companies, exchanges, negotiations, transactions, corporations, jobs, industries, practices, concerns, vocations, stations, livelihoods, activities, labors, commissions, occupations, merchants, services, enterprises, positions, situations, proprietorships, interests, trades, partnerships, establishments, barters, assignments, professions, markets, postings, callings, consortia, careers, holdings, ventures, affairs.
duties (noun)
liabilities, responsibilities, duties, obligations.
Common misspellings:
  1. buisnesses (36%)
  2. bussinesses (10%)
  3. businessess (7%)
  4. busineses (6%)
  5. businesss (6%)
  6. bussiness (2%)
  7. buisinesses (2%)
  8. buinesses (2%)
  9. busiensses (2%)
  10. busnesses (2%)
  11. businesess (2%)
  12. busniesses (2%)
  13. businesse (2%)
  14. buissnesses (1%)
  15. businsses (1%)
  16. buisness (1%)
  17. businsess (1%)
  18. busnisses (1%)
  19. businessses (1%)
Examples of usage:
  1. Then the five- o'clock bell rang, and the girls trooped out and dispersed on their various businesses.
    - - "Just Patty", Jean Webster.
  2. The same is true with respect to the capital used in all other businesses.
    - - "Just Patty", Jean Webster. - "Community Civics and Rural Life", Arthur W. Dunn.
  3. From that time to this one has denied the right of States to fix maximum charges for any business which is public in its nature or which has been clothed with a public interest; nor has the inclusion of the railroad and warehouse businesses in that class been questioned.
    - - "Just Patty", Jean Webster. - "Community Civics and Rural Life", Arthur W. Dunn. no - "The Agrarian Crusade A Chronicle of the Farmer in Politics", Solon J. Buck.
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