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Spell check of business

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Correct spelling:
Employment; occupation; trade; a matter or affair.
activity (noun)
movement, motion, exercise, activity, kinetics, liveliness, animation, conduct, agility, energy, action, performance, enterprise, stirring.
business (noun)
situation, career, interest, company, exchange, selling, barter, activity, livelihood, holding, market, transaction, commission, negotiation, proprietorship, industry, assignment, calling, posting, position, corporation, venture, affair, consortium, retailing, management, occupation, merchant, establishment, employment, commerce, job, enterprise, labor, vocation, firm, station, partnership, profession, service, specialty, busy work, concern, practice, trade.
duty (noun)
liability, responsibility, duty, obligation.
Other synonyms:
the elephant in the room, the impossible, go solo, lineage, clientele, logical argument, treason, employ, function, trade, business plan, perfidy, business organization, department, business organisation, racket, game, calling, brokerage, falsity, parentage, double cross, note, fear, environment, custom, thing, background, cannibalize, call, line, the biz, crinkle, art, faithlessness, sphere, matter, line of descent, descent, anchor, argument, caper, beauty parade, house, pedigree, military control, care, fiefdom, fend for yourself, deed, kingdom, province, stemma, account, domain, stand alone, group, discipline, pipeline, acquisition, line of products, walk, telephone line, detail, falseness, agency, burden, necessity, credit line, collective, treachery, barter, charge, demarcation, origin, occupancy, crease, unfaithfulness, line of work, circumstance, business-to-business, anticompetitive, melody, handicraft, personal line of credit, monetary, business sector, business concern, place, brief, option, firmament, business line, front, capacity, melodic line, personal credit line, two-timing, mercantile, communication channel, ancestry, traffic, a tall order, championship, bailiwick, realm, event, agent, conditions, purpose, avocation, cable, context, transmission line, outfit, infidelity, big, transaction, chore, headache, duty, dealing, brisk, barony, commercial, telephone circuit, stock, all-night, delegation, sellout, collaboration, book, post, asset, blue chip, furrow, affiliate, melodic phrase, affair, disloyalty, business enterprise, do your own thing, bloodline, pursuit, occupation, craft, strain, demonstration, sink or swim, arena, digital, mare, be alone in (doing) something, disdain, argumentation, commercial enterprise, struggle, billet, patronage, e-commerce, circle, profession, byplay, rail line, backstabbing, brick-and-mortar, move, terrain, state of affairs, problem, element, subscriber line, worry, commerce, course, lookout, accredited, precinct, line of business, blood, railway line, line of merchandise, agate line, bank line, division of labor, channel, short letter, task, dividing line, operation, tune, bloated, wrinkle, trading, contrast, product line, appointment, big business, employment, relevant, backing, air, vexation, concern, backup, condescension, assembly line, phone line, do something of your own accord, fief, line of credit, job, broking, vocation, production line, climate, line of reasoning, moving in, demesne, act, area, part, stage business, marketplace, base, blood line, work, seam.
Examples of usage:
  1. sir; I go out on business. No, - "Hector's Inheritance or The Boys of Smith Institute", Horatio Alger.
  2. He is a good business man, isn't he, sir? - "Hills of the Shatemuc", Susan Warner.
  3. Don't know what business he's got down here; but I've seen him. - "Stories of Childhood", Various.

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