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Spell check of bushed

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Correct spelling:
Other synonyms:
bemused, drowsy, befuddled, worn-down, confused, done, spent, ready to drop, knackered, drained, wiped out, tapped out, burned-out, silly, pixilated, run-down, prostrate, muzzy, raddled, weary, dopey, washed-out, stupefied, distracted, addle, wearied, spaced-out, all in, tired, logy, fogged, aweary, worn, fatigued, limp, worn-out, exhausted, dozy, bewildered, slaphappy, pooped, health, bedeviled, weariful, confounded, stunned, addlepated, on your last legs, bleary, played out, beaten, beat, mixed-up, befogged, punch-drunk, sleepy, spacey, dead, zonked-out, muddleheaded, done in, rundown, punchy, zonked, shell-shocked, jaded, tired out, addled, dazed, tuckered.
Examples of usage:
  1. All peas, for picking while green, are more convenient when bushed. - "Soil Culture", J. H. Walden.
  2. All other peas had better be bushed, that they may be easily picked, and that the later ones may mature. - "Soil Culture", J. H. Walden.
  3. Once, when I had gone out parrot- potting, with another young fellow almost as green as myself, we had very nearly got bushed. - "A Boy's Voyage Round the World", The Son of Samuel Smiles.

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