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Spell check of breathless

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Correct spelling:
Out of breath; dead; suspending the breath.
hasty (adjective)
rushing, brisk, breakneck, hasty, dashing, speedy, galloping, impatient, quick, urgent, running, bustling, rapid, flying, darting, pelting, abrupt, fleet, feverish, swift, hurried, fast.
excited (adjective)
inflamed, anxious, animated, energized, attentive, passionate, electrified, exhilarated, feverish, turbulent, impassioned, ardent, fiery, effervescent, aroused, fervent, agitated, disturbed, disquieted, stimulated, excited, burning.
Other synonyms:
scalding, stifling, gasping, breezeless, enthralling, labored, dyspneic, airless, tired, exciting, puffing, gone, windless, out of breath, dizzy, used up, asleep, fascinated, fallen, exhausted, wheezing, indrawn, emphysematous, heavily, pursy, smothering, dyspnoeic, nonliving, anticipatory, broken-winded, snappy, demised, lightning, asthmatic, still, late, dyspneal, nippy, red-hot, chesty, asphyxiating, rapid-fire, windless, wired, spent, breathtaking, absorbed, zippy, departed, deeply, exotic, exuberant, deep, whirlwind, deceased, low, rattling, psyched, dead, blown, thrilling, blistering, warm, alive, choking, splitting, boiling, suffocative, interested, short-winded, defunct, exhilarating, breath, bronchial, tropical, compelling, panting, hot, can't put something down, balmy, close, fleet-footed, winded, dramatic, pulmonary, inanimate, eventful, scorching, enthusiastic, short of breath, non-living, choke, dyspnoeal, mild, cold, pulseless, suffocating, lifeless.
Examples of usage:
  1. For some minutes he was scarcely sensible of existence; and then he found himself breathless at her feet. - "Falkland, Complete", Edward Bulwer-Lytton.
  2. was quite breathless by the time her questions were asked. Shenac - "Shenac's Work at Home", Margaret Murray Robertson.
  3. They watched in breathless interest, and it followed as had said. Sirayo - "The Golden Rock", Ernest Glanville.

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