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Spell check of braid

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Correct spelling:
A cord or other texture made by braiding; a plat or plait.
To weave, plat, or intertwine.
fastener (noun)
string, clamp, suture, link, zipper, hawser, skewer, weld, brad, knot, strap, brace, bonding, medium, pin, fuse, splice, hook, rivet, binder, mediator, cotter, coupling, cement, twine, glue, lace, tie, cleat, anchor, stay, button, bond, fastener, band, middleman, staple, clasp, hitch, hasp, connector, belt, grapnel, mucilage, ligament, latch, closure, vise, chain, buckle, binding, paste, nail, thread, cinch, cincture, tack, lock, seal, bolt, spike, rabbet, bracket, catch, stitch, go-between, clinch, agent, hinge, fastening, snap, knitting, clip, vinculum, guy.
fasten (verb)
splice, sew, clinch, knot, zip, knit, bind, stitch, bracket, fasten, cement, string, lace, chain, glue, paste, weave, baste, buckle, tack, strap, tie, tether, hinge, plait, stay, weld, suture, hitch, lash, couple, link, fuse, connect.
Other synonyms:
cord, frill, marabou, comb out, crimp, tress, gold braid, twirl, braiding, enlace, wind, queue, close, winding, eddy, comb, whirl, beehive, twist, spin, blow-dry, pleat, flounce, turn of events, crook, buzz cut, lacing, Afro, corsage, filigree, mesh, entwine, pigtail, bend, tweak, rope, entangle, cornrow, wreath, kink, interlace, intertwine, plait, backcomb, plash, net, condition, reticulation, construction, lace, screw, pleach, gimmick, accessorise, lace up, fan, pull, device, wrench, beading, turn, twisting, bun, tangle, hairstyle, plat, chignon, barbershop, fortify, bangs, bob, bobbed.
Examples of usage:
  1. So also was her plain morning dress, and the simple braid in which her hair was collected. - "The Bertrams", Anthony Trollope.
  2. They do not trace out its web of mutual relations- a braid of light held in the hand of Infinite Love. - "Humanity in the City", E. H. Chapin.
  3. We'll apprentice him then to the drapery trade, Where, I've heard it reported, large profits are made; Besides, he can sell cheap buttons and braid. us - "The Glugs of Gosh", C. J. Dennis.

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