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Spell check of bottomless

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Correct spelling:
Having no bottom.
deep (adjective)
deep, fathomless, profound, sunken, abysmal.
infinite (adjective)
eternal, ceaseless, unbounded, everlasting, immemorial, boundless, countless, limitless, inexhaustible, perpetual, innumerable, timeless, interminable, unlimited, endless, illimitable, termless, infinite, immeasurable, numberless, incalculable.
Other synonyms:
unfathomable, unclothed, deep, unlimited, fathomless, limitless.
Examples of usage:
  1. We found him scarcely breathing under two of our slain comrades, and some say he must be the man they saw leap on board the moment the ships ran foul of each other, who they thought had long ago gone with his brother infidels to the bottomless pit." - "The Prime Minister", W.H.G. Kingston.
  2. Think of the bottomless sea; what is thrown therein, continues sinking, without ever reaching the end. - "Letters of Madam Guyon", P. L. Upham.
  3. He heard voices, but they sounded as if coming from a great distance, and he had an odd feeling that the car was sliding down a bottomless abyss. - "The Gray Phantom's Return", Herman Landon.

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