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Spell check of bored

Correct spelling:
bored (verb)
tranquilized, sedated, dulled, annoyed, wearied, fatigued, tired.
weary (adjective)
wayworn, wasted, depressed, exhausted, worn-out, drowsy, faint, fatigued, flaccid, feeble, sleepy, blue, listless, tired, debilitated, weak, trying, weary, frazzled, uphill, cheerless, apathetic, run-down, limp, footsore, toilsome, over-weary, droopy.
perforated (adjective)
spiked, pierced, poked, punched, speared, through, lanced, skewered, penetrated, punctured, drilled, perforated, stuck, gouged, needled.
perforated (verb)
speared, pierced, pointed, poked, skewered, stuck, lanced, punctured, penetrated, punched, drilled, perforated, spiked, gouged, needled.
discontent (adjective)
uncomfortable, disquieted, wretched, anguished, joyless, dissatisfied, non-satisfied, ticked off, frustrated, discomposed, disapproving, teed off, unhappy, sour, irreconcilable, uneasy, malcontent, displeased, exasperated, irritated, despondent, ungratified, cross, disgruntled, restless, fed up, cheerless, dissident, miserable, gloomy, anxious, discontent.
Other synonyms:
worldly, unenthusiastic, dull, bored to tears, indifferent, bored to death, irked, jaded, sick and tired, in a rut, uninspired, world-weary, bored stiff, tired, uninterested, blase, sick.
Common misspellings:
  1. bord (59%)
  2. boared (12%)
  3. borad (9%)
  4. borde (4%)
  5. borred (4%)
  6. boredly (4%)
  7. bourd (3%)
  8. boord (1%)
  9. boerd (1%)
  10. boried (1%)
Examples of usage:
  1. I see myself bored to death with her within ten months.
    - - "Rose of Dutcher's Coolly", Hamlin Garland.
  2. Frankly, Theodosia Baxter, I am bored, and you needn't tell me that you aren't- frankly- too.
    - - "Rose of Dutcher's Coolly", Hamlin Garland. - "Miss Theodosia's Heartstrings", Annie Hamilton Donnell.
  3. You'll get bored with him, too, in a different way.
    - - "Rose of Dutcher's Coolly", Hamlin Garland. - "Miss Theodosia's Heartstrings", Annie Hamilton Donnell. - "The Limit", Ada Leverson.
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