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Spell check of bony

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Correct spelling:
Having many or large bones; showing the form of the bones; lean.
Other synonyms:
capsule, fleshless, penniless, be (all) skin and bone(s), cadaveric, boney, spare, thin, infertile, purposeless, adenoidal, diminished, anatomical, twiggy, lean, horny, hard, anorexic, otiose, stark, worn, emaciated, formative, skinny, cadaverous, poor, waste, boneless, osseous, bonelike, gaunt, jellied, meager, structural, hard up, lanky, atrophied, weedy, fatless, angular, senseless, antler, impoverished, skinless, careworn, lank, gangling, all skin and bones, strong-boned, skeletal, impecunious, pinched, scrawny, belly, flyblown, nasal, hardscrabble, lithe, boned, blowhole, squandered, anatomy, penurious, drawn, unproductive, bone, meaty, unfertile, body, jerk, rawboned, slender, arm, scraggy, carapace, desolate, dead, superfluous, angular, pointless, slim, osteal, wasted, fat, underweight, tough, svelte, raddled, thin as a rail, haggard.
Examples of usage:
  1. She was of a yellowish parchment colour, the skin tight- drawn over the small bony aquiline features, and it would have seemed like the face of a corpse or mummy but for the deeply- sunken jet- black eyes burning with a troubled fire in their sockets. - "Far Away and Long Ago", W. H. Hudson.
  2. It was bony and cold. - "A Canadian Bankclerk", J. P. Buschlen.
  3. He pushed through to Alan and threw his arm around the bony shoulder, encouragingly. - "The Star Lord", Boyd Ellanby.

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