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Spell check of Blackballed

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Correct spelling:
excluded (adjective)
disbarred, evicted, eliminated, excommunicated, removed, disallowed, proscribed, eradicated, relegated, amputated, forbidden, blacklisted, deported, expelled, prohibited, excluded, banned, renounced, ejected, banished, denied, rejected, barred, repudiated, exiled, ostracized, excised, expatriated, extradited.
secluded (verb)
screened, disbarred, sequestered, alienated, extirpated, ejected, isolated, removed, excommunicated, confined, closeted, rejected, separated, ousted, expatriated, secluded, extradited, detached, evicted, expelled, cloistered, segregated, boycotted, deported, ostracized, excluded, blacklisted, eliminated, insulated, exiled, banished, cordoned.
rejected (adjective)
excluded, cut, abandoned, chopped, barred, disallowed, rejected, eliminated, checked, jilted, jettisoned, junked, discarded, snipped, scrapped, shed, blacklisted, disapproved, trashed, denied, deep-sixed, excised, disclaimed.
excluded (verb)
forbade, extradited, denied, excised, repudiated, evicted, banished, ignored, banned, disbarred, blacklisted, ousted, excluded, boycotted, ejected, expatriated, removed, amputated, barred, proscribed, ostracized, relegated, rejected, eliminated, expelled, forbidden, renounced, prohibited, eradicated, excommunicated, disallowed, exiled, disqualified, deported.
rejected (verb)
curtailed, excreted, evacuated, disapproved, disallowed, junked, rejected, exhausted, disclaimed, ejected, lopped, denied, cut, discarded, sniped, cropped, shedded, spewed, barred, deep-sixed, oppugned, vomited, excluded, jettisoned, abandoned, scraped, exuded, clipped, jilted, secreted, drained, disgorged, culled, chopped, trashed, vented, belched, discharged, blacklisted, checked, emitted, sheared, ejaculated, eliminated, excised, erupted, seeped.
secluded (adjective)
cordoned, detached, expatriated, excluded, exiled, closeted, extradited, cloistered, outcast, solitary, anonymous, eliminated, separated, banished, extirpated, disbarred, deported, xenophobic, ejected, confined, blacklisted, excommunicated, lonely, alienated, segregated, hermitic, reclusive, sequestered, alone, boycott, antisocial, aloof, secluded, isolated, maverick, misanthropic, ostracized.
Examples of usage:
  1. How he had borne, in that odd, unimpressive way, insolence and arrogance for which she ought to have been beaten and blackballed by decent society! - "T. Tembarom", Frances Hodgson Burnett.
  2. If a man lose a venture of money he can tell his friend; or if he be unsuccessful in trying for a seat in parliament; or be thrown out of a run in the hunting- field; or even if he be blackballed for a club; but a man can hardly bring himself to tell his dearest comrade that his Mary has preferred another man to himself. - "The Vicar of Bullhampton", Anthony Trollope.

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