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Spell check of bed

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Correct spelling:
A place to sleep on; place on which anything rests; layer; space allotted to plants.
To put in a bed; lay in layers; lay down.
bed (noun)
king-size bed, hospital bed, fold-away bed, bunk bed, bunk, day bed, queen-size bed, roll-away bed, cradle, four poster, sofa bed, bassinet, cot, berth, single bed, double bed, crib, hammock.
Other synonyms:
outcrop, manage, row, have, harbor, sack out, fundament, repose, seam, have it off, grounds, neck, crash, tail, put up, flowerbed, chicane, jazz, sediment, underside, lie with, bonk, substratum, hay, domicile, level, fuck, slam, discern, get along, foundation, hunch forward, behind, shut-eye, napping, backyard, chouse, c., protection, stratum, 2.1, render, bowl, slumbering, take, stern, hind end, baccalaureate, billet, grapple, A.A., ground, over, be intimate with someone, nates, doss, move back, pick out, keister, retreat, fill out, steppingstone, acknowledge, spot, cataract, bury, bedside, get it on, jump into bed with someone, seat, issue, deal, awareness, copulate, pull away, bum, eff, jockey, draw back, bang, bedpost, merchantman, bite, bottom, make out, allotment, cake, pad, screw, make love, put out, footing, love, dozing, do it, deposit, rack, freighter, pull back, crinkle, bayou, 2.2, sex, butt, prat, spend the night with someone, kip, area, embed, batch, shaft, cope, lodge, recede, furrow, line, do, sleep together, rear, quarter, crawl in, lair, base, fork out, recognise, crease, hit the hay, rump, hit the sack, aquifer, bag, crumb, botanical garden, roost, mate, bight, have a go at it, sack, know, enjoy, planting, garden, Associate of Arts, sleep with, associate degree, get by, bottom of the inning, tail end, merchant ship, live, recognize, foot, bottomland, air bed, buns, resting, drive in, crate, rock, bowlful, backwater, z's, posterior, hand over, snoozing, associate, herbaceous border, stone, tush, arse, floor, get laid, cram, B.A., advanced degree, catnapping, groundwork, slumber, contend, consummate, withdraw, go to sleep, ass, have it away, couple, whop, retire, underpinning, experience, hump, box, make do, plot, undersurface, buttocks, couch, wrinkle, put on, layer, border, bop, cheat, hunch, channel, go to bed, bedhead, hunch over, derriere, cascade, can, consumption, bottle, fork up, cognize, spang, accommodations, tooshie, rear end, cognise, entomb, flop, fill in, strip, turn in, bower, pallet, adjourn, patch, backside, hindquarters, tell apart, bachelor's degree, have intercourse, center, kip down, bash, confluence, deliver, be intimate, board, whap, come, bedroll, sock, have sex, cut, accommodate, fork over, lodging, roll in the hay, branch, complete, fanny, distinguish, rest, house, write out, bedrock, room, bedstead, strike out, basis, fare, bestow, mattress.
Examples of usage:
  1. Not going to get to bed? - "Red Pepper Burns", Grace S. Richmond.
  2. You going to bed? - "A Crooked Mile", Oliver Onions.
  3. Be a good girl now, and let your mother help you to bed. - "A Country Doctor and Selected Stories and Sketches", Sarah Orne Jewett.

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