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Spell check of become

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Correct spelling:
To come to be; to be made.
To suit or befit.
suited (verb)
served, fitted, became, pleased, benefited, suited, dovetailed, satisfied.
suit (verb)
serve, please, dovetail, benefit, suit, fit, satisfy.
Other synonyms:
heighten, contract, tend, bewilder, survive, suffer, look, nonplus, pass, induce, perplex, lead, get down, enhance, execute, alter, plough, hold up, create, bend, call on, father, convey, beseem, croak, convert, suit, rifle, release, constrain, get going, live up to, change into, exit, run short, go, flex, pass away, locomote, require, ornament, fail, detract from, bring, beautiful, garnish, make up, give way, set off, manufacture, aim, make, function, behoove, run, let, change by reversal, pay back, render, buzz off, amaze, vex, embellish, establish, run low, belong to, construct, shape, go into, cause, arrive, sustain, break down, buy the farm, last, agree with, wax, live on, expire, do, travel, draw, get, compose, mother, set out, sire, make out, lend itself to something, begin, fetch, move around, bring to pass, correspond, fit in with, sprain, kick the bucket, go away, blend in, come over, force, conk, befit, measure up, dumbfound, match up, reverse, fashion, feel, change state, stimulate, choke, turn over, have, qualify, generate, fix, give-up the ghost, obtain, fabricate, belong, turn into, wrench, go bad, baffle, agree, drive, sour, plow, drop dead, wrick, break, stick, be, constitute, plump, start out, turn, die, gravel, extend, effect, bugger off, beget, set about, compel, bring about, mystify, speak for itself, operate, pay off, perform, produce, arrest, shift, change, scram, form, incur, go with, capture, blend, distort, come, stupefy, pose, enrich, experience, flatter, engender, catch, display, endure, bring into being, conform, ferment, pop off, perish, spoil, acquire, come up to, take, work, match, flummox, cash in one's chips, grace, snuff it, give out, move, decease, conk out, find, bring forth, frame, adorn, grow, live, rick, appear, mature, get under one's skin, proceed, puzzle, develop, twist, deform, accommodate, reach, hold out, diversify, start, sound, occasion, commence, depart, receive, beat.
Examples of usage:
  1. monsieur; I haven't it- I don't even know what has become of it. No, - "Monsieur Cherami", Charles Paul de Kock.
  2. And what's become of her? - "The Birthright", Joseph Hocking.
  3. What will become of my son when I am gone, poor little Prince? - "The Slaves of the Padishah", Mór Jókai.

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