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Spell check of bass

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Correct spelling:
A species of fish; a tree, and its pliable bark.
The lowest part in music.
fish (noun)
sunfish, marlin, bowfin, sole, eel, albacore, hake, rainbow trout, halibut, sea horse, anchovy, bluegill, kipper, goldfish, herring, gar, fish, grouper, pike, mackerel, goby, sailfish, whitefish, char, hammerhead, barracuda, catfish, smelt, tarpon, crappie, mudfish, fluke, sting ray, tuna, puffer, trout, carp, salmon, blackfish, perch, shark, lamprey, pickerel, minnow, sardine, ray, turbot, flatfish, speckled trout, haddock, guppy, cod, flounder, walleye, swordfish, sturgeon, dogfish.
musical instrument (noun)
harp, violin, clarinet, English horn, trumpet, viola, fiddle, violincello, alto saxophone, guitar, drum, harpsichord, oboe, horn, tenor saxophone, electric piano, piano, organ, keyboard, electric guitar, recorder, classical guitar, flute, bassoon, harmonica, piccolo, trombone, banjo, French horn, saxophone, cello.
musical instruments (noun)
electric guitars, oboes, baby grand, organs, clarinets, electric pianos, guitars, trumpets, recorders, balalaika, keyboards, bassoons, barrel organ, violins, banjoes, English horns, harmonicas, French horns, harps, piccolos, harpsichords, trombones, alto saxophones, accordion, violas, drums, bagpipes, violincelli, saxophones, air guitar, classical guitars, fiddles, bass guitar, pianos, celli, horns, tenor saxophones, flutes.
deep (adjective)
grave, resonant, sepulchral, sonorous, faint.
musician (noun)
tenor, drummer, virtuoso, accordionist, musician, fiddler, pianist, soprano, harpsichordist, bassoonist, bassist, singer, violinist, saxophonist, keyboardist, trombonist, oboist, composer, guitarist, maestro, baritone, trumpeter, banjoist, clarinetist, player, harpist, arranger, flutist, performer, instrumentalist, alto, cellist.
Other synonyms:
plangent, chorus, choirgirl, andante, bouillabaisse, fillet, thick, low-pitched, bream, atonal, harmonic, concerto, beat, adagio, bluesy, deep, dull, koi, crotchet, mezzo, cryptic, B, chorister, recondite, harmonious, D, classical, heavy, allegro, rich, choirmaster, flat, acoustic, chorale, sea bass, chord, funky, chant, bloater, do, basso, choirboy, double flat, choir, hollow, filet, throaty, sounds, discordant, arrangement, chub, chowder, bass voice, abstruse, freshwater bass, low, falsetto, air, cryptical, bass part, A, cantata, contralto, mysterious, inscrutable, C, mystifying.
Examples of usage:
  1. So the whisper went round that the Corporal was in league with the witch; and the preacher, who had not forgotten about the bass viol, though he said only a few mysterious words, seemed rather to agree. - "The Drummer's Coat", J. W. Fortescue.
  2. Thus the in chorus, with Colonel thundering a bass. Merryweathers Ferrers - "Hildegarde's Harvest", Laura E. Richards.
  3. All the Bible students sat there who could get there, that being the choir of male voices; and before a month passed he had been taken into this choir: for a storm- like bass rolled out of him as easily as thunder out of a June cloud. - "The Reign of Law A Tale of the Kentucky Hemp Fields", James Lane Allen.

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