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Spell check of baseless

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Correct spelling:
Without foundation.
Other synonyms:
nonvalid, deceitful, unimportant, unprofitable, shadowy, dotty, undue, unavailing, dead, vain, null, hazardous, futile, alleged, out of work, vapid, unjustified, useless, allegedly, unserviceable, unwarranted, bottomless, trifling, speculative, fantastic, delusive, risky, trivial, idle, indefensible, jobless, inconstant, loose, worthless, unsupported, raving mad, unused, waste, gaga, unsubstantial, unwarrantable, unjustifiable, visionary, unreasonable, furious, uncivilized, profitless, angry, ineffectual, untamed, insupportable, uncivilised, anecdotal, doubtful, supposed, true, unsubstantiated, crazy, fruitless, seemingly, empty, unreal, unsatisfying, barbaric, wild, light, abortive, savage, raging, godforsaken, unfounded, tempestuous, bootless, foundationless, apparently, groundless, barbarian, nugatory, violent, invalid.
Examples of usage:
  1. Equally baseless is the supposition of one of earliest biographers, that he completed his academical studies at Paris- and equally futile the concomitant fiction that in France " he acquired much applause by his literary exercises." Chaucer's - "Chaucer", Adolphus William Ward.
  2. He had, moreover, sufficient forethought to perceive that any success which he might achieve elsewhere, and under another name, would be such a slight and baseless fabric that a breath from one who now knew him could overturn it. - "A Knight Of The Nineteenth Century", E. P. Roe.
  3. was ready even to forestall the cry for precautionary measures; the air was full of wild and he thought that Victor days and his own were threatened, a baseless suspicion, for the most reckless conspirators in those times accounted regicide madness in a free country. Cavour rumours, Emmanuel's - "Cavour", Countess Evelyn Martinengo-Cesaresco.

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