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Spell check of barred

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Correct spelling:
firmly fastened or secured against opening; " windows and doors were all fast"; " a locked closet"; " left the house properly secured"
prohibited (adjective)
curtailed, restricted, forbidden, disapproved, restrained, disallowed, precluded, prohibited, refused, outlawed, suppressed, controlled, denied, blocked, constrained, banned, rejected.
excluded (verb)
forbade, extradited, denied, excised, repudiated, evicted, banished, ignored, banned, disbarred, blacklisted, ousted, excluded, boycotted, ejected, expatriated, removed, amputated, blackballed, proscribed, ostracized, relegated, rejected, eliminated, expelled, forbidden, renounced, prohibited, eradicated, excommunicated, disallowed, exiled, disqualified, deported.
rejected (adjective)
excluded, cut, abandoned, chopped, blackballed, disallowed, rejected, eliminated, checked, jilted, jettisoned, junked, discarded, snipped, scrapped, shed, blacklisted, disapproved, trashed, denied, deep-sixed, excised, disclaimed.
prohibited (verb)
outlawed, curtailed, banned, curbed, blocked, disapproved, refused, inhibited, controlled, prevented, precluded, prohibited, forbade, restricted, rejected, restrained, constrained, disqualified, suppressed, disallowed, denied, oppressed, forbidden.
hindered (verb)
restrained, tangled, opposed, jammed, braked, crippled, fouled, fettered, complicated, bunged, burdened, frustrated, hindered, constrained, plugged, impaired, countered, dragged, restricted, resisted, hamstrung, congested, impeded, caught, bottlenecked, hampered, paralyzed, stayed, choked, snarled, deterred, entangled, handicapped, entrapped, snagged, constipated, dammed, curbed, detained, baffled, crimped, blocked, cramped, clogged, mired, delayed, obstructed, interrupted, thwarted, inhibited, stopped, checked, encumbered.
excluded (adjective)
disbarred, evicted, eliminated, excommunicated, removed, disallowed, proscribed, eradicated, relegated, amputated, forbidden, blacklisted, deported, expelled, prohibited, excluded, banned, renounced, ejected, banished, denied, rejected, blackballed, repudiated, exiled, ostracized, excised, expatriated, extradited.
rejected (verb)
curtailed, excreted, evacuated, disapproved, disallowed, junked, rejected, exhausted, disclaimed, ejected, lopped, denied, cut, discarded, sniped, cropped, shedded, spewed, belched, deep-sixed, oppugned, vomited, excluded, jettisoned, abandoned, scraped, exuded, clipped, jilted, secreted, drained, disgorged, culled, chopped, trashed, vented, blackballed, discharged, blacklisted, checked, emitted, sheared, ejaculated, eliminated, excised, erupted, seeped.
dissuaded (verb)
intimidated, prevented, deflected, banned, disinclined, disheartened, inhibited, checked, daunted, deterred, chilled, depressed, diverted, admonished, dampened, averted, restrained, dissuaded, discouraged, derailed.
defended (verb)
rebutted, upheld, barricaded, defended, supported, sustained, fended, warded, answered, policed, counterattacked, replied, retorted, resisted, sheltered, covered, safeguarded, returned, responded, countered, screened, buffered, guarded, averted, protected, saved, shielded, argued, opposed, secured, backfired.
Other synonyms:
obstructed, fastened, barricaded, secured, locked, fast, blockaded, bolted, latched.
Examples of usage:
  1. It was firmly barred on the inside. - "The Shepherd of the North", Richard Aumerle Maher.
  2. The group had sung a couple of verses, when the iron- barred doors were opened, and a policeman stepped out. - "They Call Me Carpenter", Upton Sinclair.
  3. He and several others stood before the heavy barred doors asking for admission, while a big crowd gathered and stared. - "They Call Me Carpenter", Upton Sinclair.

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