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Spell check of bare

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Correct spelling:
Naked; plain; poor; mere.
Of to bear.
To lay open; expose.
reveal (verb)
show, exhibit, disclose, expose, display, uncover, divulge, reveal.
pure (adjective)
undefiled, honorable, irreducible, austere, basic, elementary, primal, stainless, virtuous, blameless, undiluted, simple, nascent, plain, basal, stark, immaculate, prime, innocent, decent, clear, fundamental, essential, spotless, unadulterated, atomic, white, formative, purebred, clean, aboriginal, simon-pure, unblemished, guiltless, unadorned, primary, elemental, uncluttered, unalloyed, faultless, untarnished, indivisible, sinless, unsullied, angelic, foundational, untainted, monolithic, chaste, pure.
simple (adjective)
unadulterated, uncomplicated, crystalline, bald, refined, pure, terse, candid, clear, innocent, chaste, direct, spare, artless, childlike, austere, unsophisticated, simple, plain, elementary.
uncovered (adjective)
unveiled, uncovered, overt, exposed, unwrapped, revealed, unsheathed.
naked (adjective)
denuded, unclad, bald, naked, exposed, nude, unclothed, undressed, disrobed, divested, stripped, peeled.
open (verb)
unlock, expose, release, unseal, reveal, undo, uncork, unplug, open, disclose.
divest (verb)
unclad, disrobe, expose, undress, peel, strip, shed, unclothe, divest, denude.
uncover (verb)
unveil, reveal, disclose, uncover, discover, unwrap, expose, unsheathe.
open (adjective)
unplugged, unstopped, open, agape, uncovered, unclosed, unobstructed, ajar, manifest, unbolted, exposed, patent, unlocked, accessible, gaping, admitting, yawning, unimpeded, uncapped, unbarred.
desolate (adjective)
miserable, dreary, forgotten, forlorn, lonely, uninhabited, bleak, inhospitable, deserted, forsaken, abandoned, dismal, stark, barren, desert.
Other synonyms:
sparse, double-dyed, uncrowded, bereft, broadcast, strip away, black, send, reave, blank, surrender, meagerly, consummate, bottomless, thoroughgoing, unmixed, scanty, trim, pillage, air, ransack, devoid, transmit, apparent, meager, empty, sun-baked, excess, inherent, hollow, rudimentary, destitute, topless, severe, aerate, leafless, void, render, publicise, sodding, bankrupt, narrow, complete, plain-vanilla, scant, raw, despoil, lifeless, publicize, gross, meagre, sheer, dim, few, superfluous, rifle, dusty, very, mere, unvarnished, little, derelict, arrant, express yourself, full-frontal, only, unmingled, mother-naked, au naturel, put on, toom, perfect, give away, desolate, offer, slight, core, leach, crude, a state of undress, plunder, surplus, loot, insufficient, unpatterned, marginal, parched, throw back, unfinished, stripped-down, vent, intrinsic, homely, beam, full, dry, evident, grassless, treeless, supererogatory, starkers, supernumerary, unpainted, foray, make no secret of something, inadequate, deprive, wild, blunt, advertise, unembellished, vacant, arid, natural, staring, stern, voice, extra, undecorated, free, unornamented, uncase, redundant, air out, disinvest, cutting, dismantle, modest, denudate, everlasting, ventilate, barely, vacuous, discase, advertize, strip down, utter, minimum, unmistakable.
Examples of usage:
  1. If you have not, I can never hope to make you see more than the bare fact. - "Danger! and Other Stories", Arthur Conan Doyle.
  2. He left them standing in the nearly bare room. - "Human Error", Raymond F. Jones.
  3. A long bare arm reached over shoulder and snatched the pistol. Fuller's - "The Mystery of the Green Ray", William Le Queux.

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