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Spell check of barbarian

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Correct spelling:
Rude; savage.
Other synonyms:
the ancients, uncultivated, niggard, cruel, tempestuous, courtesy, coarse, brutal, crazy, grump, Anglo-Saxon, insular, uncivilized, refinement, crosspatch, scrooge, skinflint, primitive, fell, noncivilised, noncivilized, inhuman, heathenish, churl, refined, nestling, plebeian, wolf, idle, beast, bucolic, Genghis Khan, merciless, barbaric, churlish, raging, good, Yahoo, barbarous, youngster, smooth, cosmopolitan, baseless, waste, indelicate, vulgar, peasant, vulgarian, Neanderthal, monster, ill-bred, artsy-fartsy, Philistine, kid, raving mad, crank, small fry, uncultured, furious, hazardous, unfounded, godforsaken, uncouth, violent, tike, unwarranted, natural, savage, uncivil, despot, gladiator, dotty, Saxon, crude, artsy, ferocious, coarse, atrocious, ferine, minor, nipper, crude, animal, roughshod, groundless, heathen, brute, vicious, consul, unrefined, Celt, artistic, highbrow, fierce, feral, rough, Goth, wild, grouch, uncivilised, boorish, ogre, provincial, shaver, risky, primitive, tyke, sadist, unpolished, tiddler, rude, tasteless, chuff, angry, boor, untamed, culture, arty, crass, fry, gross, wildcat, Roman, uncultivated, fantastic, child, gaga, rough, psycho.
Examples of usage:
  1. Strange coincidence of civilized and barbarian life! - "Travels in the Great Desert of Sahara, in the Years of 1845 and 1846", James Richardson.
  2. You talk like a barbarian. - "Colorado Jim", George Goodchild.
  3. While the rights of every barbarian should be respected, it is all important that he should know that such concession is made not through fear, but because the superior party wishes to be just and merciful. - "The Land of Mystery", Edward S. Ellis.

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