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Spell check of back

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Correct spelling:
The hinder part of the body in man, and the upper part in animals; the rear.
To go backward.
To put backward; get on the back of; stand at the back of; sustain.
Toward the rear; in an opposite direction.
back (noun)
rear, hindmost, bottom, aftermost, tail, end, posterior.
rear (adjective)
final, tail, backside, stern, bottom, aft, in the background, caudal, rear, hinder, following, in back of, astern, terminal, in the wake, in the wake of, posterior, after, to or in the rear, abaft, aback, dorsal, at the heels of.
rear (noun)
seat, derriere, hind, stern, behind, tail, rear, caboose, rump, posterior, fanny, bottom, backside.
support (verb)
underpin, prop, buttress, bolster, uphold, hinge, support.
assist (verb)
support, benefit, foster, sustain, aid, uphold, serve, avail, succor, help, favor, assist, abet.
Other synonyms:
stand aside, dressing, spikelet, down, backward, plunk for, venture, cane, money, covering, accompany, affirm, sit, authenticate, belly, precede, retrograde, covert, toss, backtrack, stick out, rear end, in front, armrest, concealment, fall back, ally, vengeful, evenly, break the bank, lie, put up, gumption, confirm, reside, hold up, retrogress, flank, cover song, face, foul, before, squat, red ink, punt, previously, brim, endure, subscribe, once, girth, outside, warrant, arse, spine, advocate, agree with, second, close, keep going, line, tolerate, board, belong, speak up for, subsidize, up, pricker, heart, retrocede, occupy, game, delinquent, corner, substantiate, bum, bailiff, hold, come from, verify, promote, keister, back up, blast, withdraw, alleyway, chaise longue, anchor, fund, pull away, brook, congest, backfield, lynchpin, digest, overdrawn, artwork, cover charge, backwards, corroborate, fundament, butt, bet on, patronize, center, chaise lounge, back away, addendum, set, back end, bear, capitalize, bet, base, prat, appendix, nates, tush, somehow, baton, natural covering, afterword, ballplayer, linchpin, blue, book, all-American, put on, tail end, screen, thorn, there is/are etc., get, sympathize, stiffen, tit-for-tat, otherwise, noncurrent, insolvent, past, beat out, rearmost, blind alley, about, opposite, boy, front, chair, indorse, dorsum, club, at one time, around, together, acknowledgments, acantha, testify, bump, bear out, exist, plump for, settle down, draw back, chest, ski binding, liable, arrange, against, articulation, stake, defend, edge, buns, back off, stand, forward, strengthen, indebted, finance, part, patronise, stand behind, bankroll, justify, armchair, live, cover version, alley, blanket, already, blast away, backbone, can, body, someway, up front, bang out, hazard, champion, spinal column, confines, backyard, prickle, true, screening, masking, in reply, stand by, apex, retaliatory, cloister, validate, arcade, jeopardize, pole, hind end, hindermost, center forward, rachis, bandaging, campus, binding, bevel, revengeful, hindquarters, keystone, align, rearwards, debt-ridden, just, grubstake, endorse, onward, inhabit, top, backmost, ago, choke, fend for, arm, get behind, reverse, settle, abide, arrive, recommend, blurb, place, conference, grit, mainstay, suffer, atmospherics, scatter, abdomen, concentrate, cover, clog, chaise, backpedal, guts, still, retreat, at someone's heels, backrest, certify, chesterfield, sticker, attest, spur, put money on something, adventure, rearward, choke off, patronage, debtor, ass, see, sand, covering fire, buttocks, stomach, gamble, shrink, vertebral column, moxie, populate, belly button, back down, car park, evidence, gage, book binding, side with, clog up, one day, away, post, impale, tooshie.
Examples of usage:
  1. let go back." There's Dr. Semyonov- us - "The Dark Forest", Hugh Walpole.
  2. But you will come back? - "Major Vigoureux", A. T. Quiller-Couch.
  3. If it's true, we get them back, don't we? - "Alias The Lone Wolf", Louis Joseph Vance.

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