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Spell check of aweary

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Correct spelling:
Other synonyms:
dead, exhausted, done in, knackered, wiped out, bushed, tuckered, drained, wearied, tired, prostrate, beaten, burned-out, played out, tapped out, jaded, all in, worn, done, weary, bleary, washed-out, beat, worn-out, limp, spent, fatigued, logy, pooped.
Examples of usage:
  1. And when Perseus had received glad welcome from the fair dwellers in the garden of the Hesperides, he sought Atlas, that to him he might fulfil his promise; and eagerly Atlas beheld him, for he was aweary of his long toil. - "A Book of Myths", Jean Lang.
  2. The sleek little seal was aweary, aweary. - "Wild Justice: Stories of the South Seas", Lloyd Osbourne.
  3. I was beginning to be aweary of The shrewd eyes and persistent questioning, and I was heartily glad when he had to go back to his work. Author's - "A Woman Named Smith", Marie Conway Oemler.

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