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Spell check of awards

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Correct spelling:
rewards (noun)
enticements, honoraria, grants, lures, treats, considerations, sweeteners, gratuities, tips, allotments, rewards, bounties, compensations, prizes, sweepstakes, inducements, amends, tributes, gifts, allowances, carrots, temptations, bonuses, wages, payments, stipends, incentives, plums, remunerations.
gives (verb)
bequeaths, assists, consigns, bestows, extends, endows, devotes, renders, grants, lends, donates, helps, contributes, allows, delivers, funds, sends, submits, provides, tenders, shares, ascribes, presents, doles, pledges, gives, showers, assigns, allots, serves, expends, imparts, pays, attributes, offers, disburses, lavishes, supplies, furnishes, rations, dispenses.
rewards (verb)
tempts, sweetens, pays, entices, remunerates, rewards, grants, honors, gives, induces, compensates, tips, lures, treats.
Examples of usage:
  1. Prisoner at the bar, said his lordship at the conclusion of the last proceedings, the sentence of the law which I am about to pass upon you and which the court awards is that you now be taken to the place whence you came, and from thence, on the day appointed, to the place of execution, there to be hanged by the neck until you be dead, dead, dead. day's - "The Light of Scarthey", Egerton Castle.
  2. The other awards of the Victoria Cross to Irishmen were made for deeds of quite a different character; real soldierly deeds, bold, dashing, and intrepid; deeds, if not of reckless bravery, certainly of bravery reckless of life for the attainment of the purpose in view. - "The Irish at the Front", Michael MacDonagh.
  3. The Postmaster- General awards contracts for the transportation of the mails, and directs the management of the domestic and foreign mail service. - "Problems in American Democracy", Thames Ross Williamson.

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