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Spell check of auxiliary

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Correct spelling:
A helper; a verb that helps in the conjugation of another.
Helping; assisting.
servant (noun)
subordinate, deputy, pawn, servant, hand, menial, lieutenant, underling, aid, helping hand, junior, laborer, help, helper, agent, henchman, serf, volunteer, assistant, vassal, helpmate, subject, slave, employee, chattel, aide-de-camp, aide, peon, worker, flunky.
agent (noun)
second, representative, appointee, delegate, vehicle, broker, deputy, emissary, factor, executor, mediator, agency, intermediary, middleman, alternate, substitute, operative, surrogate, impresario, proxy, agent, actor, lieutenant, instrument, go-between, ombudsman, liaison, attorney.
assistant (noun)
proxy, abettor, minion, second, laborer, functionary, lieutenant, aide-de-camp, backer, menial, follower, attorney, chaperone, patsy, stooge, aide, deputy, attendant, henchman, accomplice, extra, partner, helpmate, hireling, junior, ancillary, associate, aider, adjunct, assistant, flunky, subordinate, agent, accessory, benefactor, underling, servant, helper, employee, acolyte.
accompanying (adjective)
ornamental, along with, besides, secondary, adjoining, supplemental, extra, affixed, in addition to, companion, attached, adorning, additional.
accompaniment (noun)
adjunct, accompaniment, second, adornment, appurtenance, accessory, addendum, extra, brother, garnish, consort, ornament, extension, secondary, addition, appendage, lieutenant, companion, appendix, fixture, attachment.
assisting (adjective)
supporting, helpful, aiding, helping, assisting, sustaining, cooperating, serving.
deputy (noun)
assistant, dummy, aide, backup, delegate, mouthpiece, agent, emissary, second, servant, arm, helpmate, envoy, proxy, alternate, nominee, helper, spokeswoman, attorney, substitute, assignee, surrogate, token, spokesman, ghost, figurehead, stand-in, attendant, lieutenant, acolyte, representative, understudy, double, deputy, appointee.
relational (adjective)
related, relevant, blood, akin, dependent, correlative, pertinent, analogous, attendant, connected, ancillary, coincident, kindred, adjunct, associated, affiliated, supplemental, germane, consanguine, concomitant.
Other synonyms:
adjunct, subsidiary, supplemental, adjuvant, accessory, secondary, ancillary, supportive, aide, appurtenant, supplementary.
Examples of usage:
  1. But Bruce explains that, as his shop is not conducted on purely commercial principles, but as an auxiliary to the fishing, this is all required to cover expenses of management. Mr. - "Second Shetland Truck System Report", William Guthrie.
  2. the Auxiliary paid the price they would asked anybody else. An' 'a' - "Friendship Village", Zona Gale.
  3. The doors was to open to the general public at ten o'clock, the i- dee was to hev the Auxiliary get the pick o' the goods first, the set, marked price. an' payin' reg'lar, - "Friendship Village", Zona Gale.

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