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Spell check of automatic

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Correct spelling:
Like an automaton; self- moving.
habitual (adjective)
unintentional, premeditated, deliberate, unthinking, unforced, mechanical, habitual, intuitive, unconscious.
Other synonyms:
double-barreled, self-loading, unintended, mechanical, reflex, clean, concern, knock-on, automatic rifle, reflexive, loaded, knee-jerk, motorized, ensuing, computerized, spontaneous, rapid-fire, auxiliary, mechanic, programmed, self-activating, automatically, self-moving, instinctive, voluntary, random, as a consequence/in consequence, carbine, clockwork, free, electric, manual, impulsive, derringer, self-acting, analog, planned, self-locking, cordless, convertible, air gun, coupe, 0.45, thus, impromptu, accordingly, electronic, by virtue of something, cruiser, BB gun, machine-driven, cannon, machine-controlled, accidental, blunderbuss, machine rifle, bazooka, self-regulating, unpremeditated, estate, robotic, robotlike, machinelike, unbidden, classic car, dragster, arbitrary, built, compact, by accident, from, automatic pistol, clever, automatonlike, automated, instinctual, consequently, air rifle, therefore, broken, coincidental, demo, cabriolet, autoloading, willing, self-operating, semiautomatic, hence, perfunctory, involuntary, self-winding.
Examples of usage:
  1. Automatic communication is impossible without an intelligent modem. - "The Online World", Odd de Presno.
  2. She got a complete change of clothes in the first Automatic Service store she came to and left the store in them, carrying the sporting outfit in a bag. - "Legacy", James H Schmitz.
  3. Secondly, speech is addressed to the right ear; the sufferer of course declines attention to it, but this slight, almost automatic effort, yet distracts attention from the left ear, and a communication to that ear is unheard, but perceived as a thought. - "Inferences from Haunted Houses and Haunted Men", John Harris.

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