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Spell check of assist

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Correct spelling:
To lend aid.
To stand by; to help.
give (verb)
bequeath, attribute, consign, bestow, extend, endow, devote, render, grant, lend, donate, help, contribute, allow, deliver, fund, send, submit, provide, tender, share, ascribe, present, dole, pledge, give, shower, assign, allot, serve, expend, impart, pay, award, offer, disburse, lavish, supply, furnish, ration, dispense.
benefit (verb)
help, do good, advance, serve, further, contribute, avail, better, favor.
aid (verb)
relieve, motivate, help, benefit, attend, foster, serve, support, endow, minister, tend, abet, encourage, aid, sustain, fund, facilitate, mother.
facilitate (verb)
promote, encourage, advance, expedite, aid, simplify, ease, facilitate.
assist (verb)
support, benefit, foster, sustain, aid, uphold, serve, back, succor, help, favor, avail, abet.
rescue (verb)
rescue, relieve, deliver, save, emancipate, extricate.
mediate (verb)
arbitrate, mediate, negotiate, compromise, adjudicate, intervene, facilitate, reconcile, conciliate, intercede, parley.
serve (verb)
help, work, aid, serve.
Other synonyms:
nurture, lift, go to, sanction, attack, help out, advert, help, helping hand, hand, give a leg up, get past, help oneself, take care, advocate, aid, look, deadlock, get through, hang, boost, backing, instigate, incite, service, dish up, swear out, pay heed, attend to, countenance, guide, assistant, tending, do, concede, dish out, suffice, bury, supporter, cushion, wait on, helper, process, serve, financial aid, answer, function, aggregate, chalk something up, embolden, leg up, serve well, nurse, give ear, see, dish, get behind, care, attention, serve up, assistance, make for, economic aid, attend, abetment, take to heart, study athelp, all.
Examples of usage:
  1. I had concluded to leave the country and seek some other field, when a call was made to the railroad men to assist the government to convey troops from the interior to the coast. - "Where Strongest Tide Winds Blew", Robert McReynolds.
  2. The conductor went forward to assist her. - "Walking-Stick Papers", Robert Cortes Holliday.
  3. But if I am to be your captain, you must all assist me to the best of your power. - "Andreas Hofer", Lousia Muhlbach.

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