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Spell check of arrogant

Correct spelling:

Haughty; assuming; overbearing.

boastful (adjective)
vain, self-praising, pretentious, bombastic, self-applauding, self-important, conceited, fat-headed, bragging, haughty, boastful, vainglorious, inflated, windy.
tyrannical (adjective)
totalitarian, Draconian, heavy-handed, ogreish, peremptory, tyrannous, deterministic, overbearing, discretionary, oppressive, autocratic, domineering, tyrannical, despotic, dictatorial.
authoritative (adjective)
potent, imperious, dictatorial, important, autocratic, masterful, commanding, authoritative, powerful, authoritarian, strong, effective, influential, impressive, effectual, consequential.
insolent (adjective)
rude, defiant, contemptuous, insubordinate, irreverent, candid, flagrant, audacious, outspoken, disrespectful, sarcastic, derisive, insolent, mouthy, impertinent, outrageous, callous, impolite, cheeky, brazen, bold, presumptuous, discourteous, saucy, sacrilegious, brash.
Other synonyms:
uppish, assumptive, overweening, absolute, arbitrary, proud, exacting, imperative, unconditional, bumptious, positive, stiff-necked, study atproud, high-and-mighty, compulsive, presuming, supreme, patronizing, unequivocal, uppity, superior, irresponsible, supercilious, huffish, superior, highfalutin, high-handed, self-important, high-hat, big-chested, self-opinionated, egocentric, toplofty, chesty, lofty, prideful, self-assertive, immodest, huffy, lordly, cavalier, egotistic, self-asserting, self-satisfied, dogmatic, compulsory, coercive, pompous, sniffy, attitude, controlling.
Common misspellings:
  1. arogant (32%)
  2. arrogent (23%)
  3. arragant (12%)
  4. arrogrant (6%)
  5. arragent (3%)
  6. arogent (3%)
  7. arragont (3%)
  8. arrigant (2%)
  9. aragant (2%)
  10. irrogant (2%)
  11. arrogants (1%)
  12. errogant (1%)
Examples of usage:
  1. " You are right, my pet," said the king, laughing, " you have written my answer with your nose to this arrogant person.
    - - "Old Fritz and the New Era", Louise Muhlbach.
  2. Would Louis be in danger from the bullets of the arrogant Stair?
    - - "Old Fritz and the New Era", Louise Muhlbach. - "Patsy", S. R. Crockett.
  3. There is a vast difference between this attitude and the arrogant tone generally ascribed to Chamberlain.
    - - "Old Fritz and the New Era", Louise Muhlbach. - "Patsy", S. R. Crockett. Mr. - "Boer Politics", Yves Guyot.
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