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Spell check of arrange

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Correct spelling:
To set in order; to prepare.
prepare (verb)
prepare, curry, construct, formulate, draft, prime, fit, furnish, marshal, set, outfit, develop, mobilize, fashion, devise, make, compose, fabricate, equip, ready, foster, dress.
categorize (verb)
sort, pigeonhole, group, brand, label, order, categorize, class, cast, classify, assort, stamp, designate, type.
order (verb)
right, plot, control, place, marshal, rank, plan, settle, structure, schedule, unsnarl, rationalize, order, balance, separate, score, systematize, cast, sift, organize, schematize, screen, set, design, subordinate, devise, mediate, rate, program, regulate, pigeonhole, type, class, adjust, array, group, harmonize, scheme, form, stratify, normalize, methodize, fix, support, stabilize, chart, frame, prepare, compose, orchestrate, classify, sort, collate, integrate, unify, establish, maintain, shape, grade, categorize.
structure (verb)
shape, form, build, structure, make, construct, compose, constitute, frame.
plan (verb)
premeditate, expect, contrive, intend, blueprint, plot, chart, anticipate, propose, aim, scheme, coordinate, plan, invent, design, conceive.
sequence (verb)
string, order, progress, queue, sort, thread, chain, sequence, follow, rank, align, link, succeed, array, concatenate.
Other synonyms:
come, exercise, direct, heap, fructify, layer, determine, initialize, get along, back, format, offer, assemble, choreograph, go under, supply, effectuate, set up, blend, launch, transcribe, bang out, make out, behave, perform, rear, deploy, pitch, practice, order, calculate, atmospherics, line up, localize, preen, rig, sic, put up, consecrate, plume, garb, assign, raiment, raise, crop, hold, regularize, agree, dress up, clothe, garment, tell, jell, map, fix up, regularise, put together, couch, coiffe, blast, decorate, get dressed, range, enclothe, prune, decide, lay, codify, manage, piece, beautiful, put in, bother, cause, articulation, come up with, habilitate, negotiate, entrap, put, effect, cater to, go down, blast away, primp, dispose, make ready, apparel, disorganize, coiffure, resolve, dress out, dress, fare, pose, satisfy, position, map out, coif, present, work out, prescribe, baton, govern, garnish, fit out, concert, act, strategize, accompany, planned, do, found, provide, stage, say, budget, correct, adapt, limit, instal, tack, clip, invest, ensnare, groom, draw up, finalize, transpose, practise, ordinate, ordain, pile, define, represent, specify, instrument, mark, bring about, lay out, synthesize, snip, localise, congeal, dream up, typeset, think ahead, initialise, project, conclude, erect, plant, get ready, cut back, dictate, resource, trim, tack together, lop, dispose of, tog, install, serve, convene, suffice, execute, beat out, countersink, bargain, commit, answer, enjoin, redact, set, gear up.
Examples of usage:
  1. Since you're our judge, arrange things quickly. - "The White Knight: Tirant lo Blanc", Joanot Martorell and Marti Johan d'Galba.
  2. Do not fear; I will find some good way to arrange the matter. - "Iermola", Joseph Ignatius Kraszewksi.
  3. The next thing was to arrange about the actual building. - "The Boy With the U. S. Life-Savers", Francis Rolt-Wheeler.

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