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Spell check of armory

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Correct spelling:
A place where arms are made or kept.
store (noun)
storehouse, depository, cellar, cupboard, locker, treasure, commissary, grocery, emporium, safe, closet, warehouse, storeroom, hoard, accumulation, hayloft, cache, lumberyard, library, storage, corncrib, mart, store, stockpile, granary, supermarket, market, crib, bank, arsenal, silo, larder, repository, bin, coffer, buttery, depot, vault, archive.
Other synonyms:
assault, dump, cubbyhole, armoury, skill, ability, ammunition, artillery, gift, stock list, stock-taking, arms, bunker, armed, proficiency, boathouse, talent, magazine, competence, prowess, stock, bonded warehouse, stocktaking, gymnasium, armaments, experience, inventory, aptitude, ammo, mastery, arsenal, inventorying.
Examples of usage:
  1. You want to tell off the men who are to take the dynamite to the armory doors and blow them in and capture the guns and ammunition there so that the capitalists won't have any. - "The Red Conspiracy", Joseph J. Mereto.
  2. The armory was a great room on the main floor of the palace, off the guard room. - "The Outlaw of Torn", Edgar Rice Burroughs.
  3. " I know," said his wife; " up at the Twenty- second Regiment Armory." - "Careers of Danger and Daring", Cleveland Moffett.

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