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Spell check of approve

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Correct spelling:
To make or show to be worthy of approbation or acceptance.


okay, sanction, O.K..
acknowledge, adjure, admit, assert, assure, attest, aver, avouch, certify, claim, contend, corroborate, declare, express, maintain, proclaim, profess, pronounce, propound, ratify, set down, state, submit, support, sustain, testify, validate, verify, warrant.
accede, accept, acquiesce, affirm, agree, assent, bless, capitulate, concur, conform, consent, contract, cooperate, empathize, endorse, pledge, promise, sanction, stipulate, welcome.
agree something is good
accept, acclaim, admire, applaud, appreciate, approbate, commend, countenance, esteem, favor, handle, like, live with, praise, respect, put up with, go along with, take up on, grin and bear it, think highly of, be big on, face it, regard highly, roll with punches, string along with.
allow, authorize
accede, accredit, acquiesce, advocate, affirm, agree, assent, authorize, back, bless, boost, buy, buy into, certify, charter, concur, confirm, consent, dig, empower, encourage, endorse, establish, get behind, groove, lap up, license, maintain, mandate, okay, permit, pronounce, ratify, recommend, sanction, seal, second, sign, subscribe to, support, uphold, validate, push for, sign off on, make law, thumbs up, give go-ahead, hats off to, make valid, stump for.
approbate, authenticate, authorize, confirm, permit, underwrite.
commission, countersign, denominate, deputize, designate, empower, enable, enfranchise, entitle, legalize, license, notarize, ordain.
approve, okay, sanction, O.K..
allow, condone, let.
blink at.
concede, release, tolerate.
acclaim, admire, applaud, commend, compliment, dignify, eulogize, exalt, extol, flatter, glorify, praise, recommend.
Examples of usage:
  1. And do you do what you are ordered to, whether you approve of it or not? – Captain Jinks, Hero by Ernest Crosby
  2. The explanation seemed to please the French and Belgians to whom it was translated, and they apparently approve of the idea. – A Journey Through France in War Time by Joseph G. Butler, Jr.
  3. To- morrow, if you come, we will speak of this visitor of whom you so little approve." – Cynthia Wakeham's Money by Anna Katharine Green
  4. He probably thought he was doing his duty to the children: few people would approve of an actress for a teacher you know. – Work: A Story of Experience by Louisa May Alcott
  5. She's a little too fond of amusement, and I don't approve of all her friends. – Ranching for Sylvia by Harold Bindloss