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Spell check of appearance

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Correct spelling:
Coming in sight; that which appears; probability; show.
appearance (noun)
countenance, view, form, figure, spectacle, display, look, mien, shape, image, vista, cast, demeanor, aspect, bearing, air, show.
biblical revelation (noun)
revealment, vision, disclosure, gospel, revelation, oracle, prophecy, issuance, emergence, evidence, materialization, epiphany, inspiration, apotheosis, apocalypse, coming, apparition, discovery, manifestation.
form (noun)
shape, form, build, structure, physique, figure, configuration, features, mold.
manifestation (noun)
staging, unfolding, embodiment, incarnation, symptom, revelation, showing, materialization, exhibition, expression, proof, exposure, manifestation, discernibility, demonstration, display, disclosure, evidence, presentation.
arrival (noun)
return, welcome, arrival, entrance, touchdown, landing, reception, homecoming, coming, destination, landfall, debarkation, fulfillment, achievement, accomplishment, approach, advent, attainment, ingress.
Other synonyms:
idea, manner, outward, occurrence, attitude, face, style, aura, defense, mask, outline, visual aspect, booking, color, sort, onset, stamp, illusion, actualization, representation, flash, semblance, behavior, personality, vanishing, styling, rise, appear, visage, commencement, pretend, resurface, see, name, carriage, take shape, garb, loom, closing argument, draw, character, introduction, presence, emerge, deceive, way, surface, put up a front, exhibit, fact, curtain raiser, coming into court, keep up with the Joneses, double bill, beginning, contour, port, regard, under/in the guise of, conception, front, double feature, dress, mind, incoming, examination, pose, mirage, outset, impression, guise, pretense, effect, reality, rear its (ugly) head, veneer, habeas corpus, posture, act, case, debut, reappear, condition, continuance, makeup, externals, departure, command performance, appearing, shadow, seeming, going, start, fashion, outside, starting point, deposition, simulacrum, show, exterior.
Examples of usage:
  1. Nor was it his personal appearance. - "Hodge and His Masters", Richard Jefferies.
  2. She had to wait more than a quarter of an hour before Bob Hewett made his appearance. - "The Nether World", George Gissing.
  3. Do you wish to have an idea of their appearance? - "The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte", Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton.

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