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Spell check of antagonizing

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Correct spelling:
opposing (verb)
repelling, counterattacking, objecting, oppressing, defying, meddling, interfering, repressing, checking, fighting, inhibiting, intercepting, disagreeing, disputing, challenging, impeding, opposing, resisting, contradicting, repulsing, hindering, rebuffing, protesting, countering, counteracting, confronting, conflicting, obstructing, suppressing, crossing.
contending (verb)
clashing, contending, wrestling, facing, bickering, resisting, disputing, withstanding, brawling, hassling, quarreling, protesting, defending, standing, struggling, vying, conflicting, wrangling, opposing, confronting, contrasting, dissenting, encountering, arguing.
aggravating (verb)
irritating, irking, bothering, grating, vexing, fretting, annoying, needling, arousing, disturbing, baiting, perturbing, harassing, bedeviling, envenoming, inflaming, troubling, aggravating, badgering, rankling, peeving, tormenting, teasing, exacerbating, infuriating, nagging, upsetting, pestering, exasperating, harrying, discomposing, hassling, enraging, chafing.
aggravating (adjective)
tormenting, bedeviling, annoying, infuriating, enraging, troublesome, inflaming, irritating, pestering, vexing, teasing, bothersome, rankling, harassing, disturbing, perturbing, aggravating, grating, exasperating, upsetting, irksome, exacerbating.
oppositional (adjective)
obstructive, counterattacking, challenging, counteracting, conflicting, disputing, repelling, interfering, contradictory, protesting, oppositional, rebuffing, impeding, resisting, repressing, repulsing, confrontational, hindering, suppressing, defiant, crossing, objecting, inhibiting.
conflicting (verb)
feuding, dissenting, contending, brawling, blasting, colliding, rioting, rowing, clamoring, differing, squabbling, altercating, broiling, bickering, sparing, conflicting, clashing, disagreeing.
disagreeing (verb)
dissenting, disputing, demurring, clashing, challenging, contending, objecting, opposing, complaining, differing, repudiating, arguing, colliding, bickering, rejecting, defying, conflicting, disagreeing.
Other synonyms:
alienating, antagonising, antagonistic.
Examples of usage:
  1. She tells that she dare not make any appeal to the sanitary authorities, either on behalf of their own or any other dwelling, for fear of antagonizing the people, who consider such officials as their natural enemies. us - "In-Darkest-England-and-the-Way-Out", Booth, William.
  2. England was near, strong, and thoroughly imbued with the policy of governing Ireland on the principle of antagonizing the races within her. - "The Framework of Home Rule", Erskine Childers.
  3. He stretched himself out with a sigh, oppressed with the conviction that he had done a bad work in antagonizing day's Trevison. - "'Firebrand' Trevison", Charles Alden Seltzer.

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