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Spell check of animate

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Correct spelling:
Having life.
To give life to.
invigorate (verb)
agitate, power, revive, energize, activate, invigorate, enthuse, strengthen, enliven, excite, rouse.
excite (verb)
arouse, impassion, agitate, energize, electrify, excite, inflame, stimulate, disquiet, disturb, fire, exhilarate.
live (adjective)
organic, living, alive, vital, incarnate, live.
Other synonyms:
racy, uplift, accelerate, mettlesome, barrack, sentient, motivate, springy, vivify, revive, moving, lively, immortal, exhort, alert, frisky, resuscitate, spirited, revolutionize, quick, hearten, light, bouncing, vitalize, pert, flush, zippy, subsisting, sensate, pizzazzy, play, bushel, enkindle, urge on, freshen up, liven up, embolden, fix, active, laud, happy, existing, sparky, restore, glorify, breathe in, reinvigorate, mend, resurrect, thrill, life, root on, whet, revolutionise, reanimate, brisk, buoy, help, breathing, recompense, come to, pep up, inspirit, kindle, restitute, existent, action, elevate, remedy, animise, peppy, recreate, tickle pink, intrigue, proclaim, animated, inhale, animize, airy, enliven, snappy, remediate, liven, jazzy, kinetic, compensate, speed, brighten, quicken, renovate, capture someone's interest/imagination/attention, actuate, stir, sprightly, vivacious, jaunty, refurbish, prompt, repair, furbish up, extol, exalt, inspire, indemnify, cheer, urge, spanking, doctor, resort, fire someone with enthusiasm, study atalive, attract, amend, interest, energetic, invigorate, surviving, lift, perky, rectify, speed up, revivify, inebriate, encourage, elate, dazzle, touch on, instigate, beatify, gay.
Examples of usage:
  1. It was not more than three feet to the bottom in the deepest part, and we could see the bottom and everything, animate and inanimate, in the water. - "Lost Pond", Henry Abbott.
  2. But thou, O faithful to thy fame, The law didst rightly know; That who would animate his lays, And other minds to virtue raise, Must feel his own with all her spirit glow. Muse's - "Poetical Works of Akenside", Mark Akenside.
  3. Her commander, Captain John Hunter, however, with undaunted fortitude, continued to animate the crew with hope, and encouraged them to acts of further perseverance, with the same calmness and self- possession as if he were simply conducting the ordinary duties of his ship. - "Narratives of Shipwrecks of the Royal Navy; between 1793 and 1849", William O. S. Gilly.

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