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Spell check of anchor

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Correct spelling:
An iron instrument to hold a ship when afloat.
To cast an anchor.
To fix by an anchor.
fastener (noun)
string, clamp, suture, link, zipper, hawser, skewer, weld, braid, knot, strap, bracket, brace, medium, pin, fuse, splice, hook, rivet, binding, mediator, cotter, coupling, cement, twine, glue, lace, tie, cleat, band, stay, button, bonding, fastener, belt, middleman, staple, clasp, hitch, hasp, connector, binder, grapnel, mucilage, ligament, latch, closure, vise, chain, buckle, bolt, paste, nail, thread, cinch, cincture, tack, lock, seal, bond, spike, rabbet, brad, catch, stitch, go-between, clinch, agent, hinge, fastening, snap, knitting, clip, vinculum, guy.
Other synonyms:
run aground, backbone, crutch, ballast, cramp, hold, inboard motor, spine, defense, bleep out, key, cast anchor, bring in, make fast, affiliate, security, boater, right-hand man, moxie, dock, reporter, edit, strand, found, stop, reliance, guts, establish, account, standby, gumption, join, big business, front, lynchpin, safeguard, ground tackle, go on (the) TV/radio, the America's Cup, flotation device, undercoat, connect, broadcaster, grit, guest, confidant, drop anchor, a tower of strength, anchorwoman, move, support, sand, fasten, life preserver, screw, vertebral column, straight shooter, canoe, DJ, attach, the biz, moor, headstone, base, the Admiral's Cup, newscaster, bail out, edit out, foothold, linchpin, grip, bower, back, staff, hand back, fix, commentator, lifeline, life jacket, mainstay, acquisition, secure, ground, rachis, keystone, announcer, buttress, trouper, get on, pillar, spinal column, agency, stopover, ahoy, prime, anchorperson, a man/woman of his/her word, anchorman, blade, berth, boating, bollard, beach, blue chip, correspondent, newsreader, buoy, lifebelt.
Examples of usage:
  1. Another and larger object, however, was plainly apparent about a hundred yards from land- a fishing- boat that swung at anchor. - "A Man and His Money", Frederic Stewart Isham.
  2. Well, at first the mankind at the " Fish and Anchor" allowed that Sal couldn't be in earnest; this challenge of hers was all and one or two went so far as to say serve her right if she was taken at her word. braggadoshy; 'twould - "News from the Duchy", Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.
  3. Yes, replied his lordship, for if I live, I'll anchor. - "Nooks and Corners of the New England Coast", Samuel Adams Drake.

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