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synthesist, synthesizer.

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Spell check of analysis

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Correct spelling:
Separation of a compound or a subject into its component parts or elements.
reason (noun)
cogitation, reason, synthesis, conceptualization, brain work, logic, induction, thought, deduction, inference, thinking.
interpretation (noun)
transcription, interpretation, elucidation, paraphrasing, condensation, restatement, decipherment, commentary, translation, comment, version, explanation, rephrasing, rendition, facsimile, decoding.
thought (noun)
study, contemplation, wistfulness, absorption, lucubration, daydreaming, pondering, speculation, envisioning, cerebration, calculation, reflection, weighing, reasoning, imagination, thinking, meditation, consideration, deliberation, intellection, brooding, thought, brain work, concentration, preoccupation, engrossment, attention, debating, musing, evaluation, appraisal, cogitation.
lastly (adverb)
everything considered, finally, in conclusion.
dissertation (noun)
premise, research, critique, assertion, interpolation, hypothesis, postulation, commentary, criticism, essay, conjecture, discussion, position, argument, contention, article, thesis, opinion, examination, dissertation.
experiment (noun)
test, determination, investigation, verification, probe, research, proof, trial, experiment, benchmark.
Other synonyms:
analyze, epitome, exposition, compendium, assemble, analyse, abridgment, analytic thinking, report, dissection, separation, couch, abstract, survey, scrutiny, division, psychoanalysis, compend, play-by-play, deconstruction, digest, ego, depth psychology, synopsis, search, review, anatomizing, subdivision, anatomy, inquiry, summary, inspection, judgment, investigate, free association, breakdown, collective unconscious, assay, due diligence, analyst, aversion therapy, abbreviation, outline, check, consciousness.
Examples of usage:
  1. analysis of the situation was pretty good, Rick thought, and it was based on very little real information. Duke's - "The Electronic Mind Reader", John Blaine.
  2. Make out an analysis of the last two lessons, and use it in telling the story in your own words. - "New National Fourth Reader", Charles J. Barnes and J. Marshall Hawkes.
  3. Feb On Sir David New Analysis of Phil. 1847 Brewster's - "Autobiography of Sir George Biddell Airy", George Biddell Airy.
Common misspellings:
  1. analyses (31%)
  2. anaylsis (15%)
  3. analisis (7%)
  4. anaysis (5%)
  5. analyis (4%)
  6. anlysis (3%)
  7. analisys (3%)
  8. analyisis (2%)
  9. annalysis (2%)
  10. anaylisis (2%)
  11. analaysis (2%)
  12. anlaysis (2%)
  13. anylisis (2%)
  14. ananlysis (2%)
  15. analasis (1%)
  16. anylsis (1%)
  17. analysys (1%)

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