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Spell check of allowances

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Correct spelling:
permissions (noun)
permits, permissions, leaves, cartes blanche, blessings, franchises, privileges, releases, consents, licenses, tolerances, approvals, concessions, authorizations, sanctions, freedoms, dispensations, passes.
portions (noun)
dividends, measures, budgets, halves, helpings, proportions, bits, members, sectors, segments, compartments, pieces, parcels, quotas, chunks, quanta, percentages, slices, fractions, stakes, cuts, stocks, subdivisions, shares, parts, partitions, splits, divisions, portions, allotments, rations, zones, lots, interests, commissions.
allotments (noun)
slices, lots, divisions, proportions, quanta, commissions, parts, allocations, segments, partitions, stakes, measures, portions, quotas, percentages, rations, chunks, pieces, dispensations, budgets, allotments, shares, parcels, stipends, splits, assignments.
compromises (noun)
middle courses, concessions, accommodations, settlements, mediations, compromises, adjustments, compensations, halfway points.
qualifications (noun)
qualifications, conditions, limitations, stipulations, modifications, provisos, provisions, reservations, exceptions, catches.
amounts (noun)
sums, pieces, proportions, tallies, amounts, totals, quantities, numbers, rations, quanta, portions, measures, allotments.
rewards (noun)
enticements, honoraria, grants, lures, treats, considerations, sweeteners, gratuities, tips, allotments, rewards, bounties, compensations, prizes, sweepstakes, inducements, awards, tributes, gifts, amends, carrots, temptations, bonuses, wages, payments, stipends, incentives, plums, remunerations.
Examples of usage:
  1. Luckily, in so far as he was an amateur theologian, he was broad, with further mental allowances for expansion. - "The Romance of Zion Chapel [3d ed.]", Richard Le Gallienne.
  2. Our friendship is of forty years standing, which I should imagine is a severe test, but in many ways we are alike, and Margaret Keith knows enough about me to make allowances. - "Blake's Burden", Harold Bindloss.
  3. Well, I guess we can't change that; we must take the boys for what they are and make allowances. - "The Girl From Keller's Sadie's Conquest", Harold Bindloss.

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