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Spell check of album

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Correct spelling:
A white table containing a list of public officers and transactions; a book, originally blank, for autographs, literary pieces, & c., as mementos; a blank book for photographs.


record album.
blank book for collecting; holder
anthology, collection, depository, index, memento, miscellany, notebook, portfolio, register, registry, scrapbook.
atlas, codex, edition, folio, hardcover, lexicon, manual, nonfiction, notebook, octavo, offprint, paperback, publication, quarto, reprint, speller, tome, vade mecum, volume, Atlantes, Atlases, Codices, Folios, Octavos, Opuscule, Quartos, portfolios, tomes, offprints, spellers, preprint, bestseller, reprints, preprints, paperbacks, non-fiction, softcover, hardcovers.
account, anecdote, archive, autobiography, biography, book, calendar, catalog, chronicle, chronology, daybook, description, diary, docket, enumeration, epic, history, index, inventory, journal, ledger, log, memo, memorandum, narrative, newsletter, newspaper, notebook, recital, record, register, scrapbook, statement, yearbook, Bank book, Cashbook.
album, record album.
compact disc
demo, track, Demos, CDS, digital recording, laser disk.
annals, annual, bill, budget, census, check, collection, count, detail, dictionary, digest, documentation, file, invoice, itemization, lexicon, list, logbook, manifest, menu, novel, pad, recording, recount, registry, repertory, roll, roster, schedule, score, scroll, store, sum, summary, table, tablet, tabulate, tally, thesaurus, total, treasury, waybill, workbook, Storybook, blank-book, cash book.
compact disk, Compact Disks, LPS.
Examples of usage:
  1. Ten minutes later, Trix, provided with the stickphast, the green envelope, the scissors, and the clean blotting- paper, and having a very large album spread open before her on a table, was busily engaged with the prints. – Antony Gray,--Gardener by Leslie Moore
  2. When for any reason he was called out of the room he placed his album carefully in a small cabinet of white wood, provided by the munificence of the Administration. – Atlantida by Pierre Benoit
  3. Every girl had her album in which her friends wrote their names, and usually they were able to contribute an original stanza; or, if not, a line from the hymn- book, or a sentiment from the school reader or Bible. – Confessions of Boyhood by John Albee
  4. By- the- by, Miss Elsie, I copied into my album the very sweet verses you sent me, and have brought them back to you. – Mr. Hogarth's Will by Catherine Helen Spence
  5. It was two days before I found out who wrote the lines in the album. – Out of a Labyrinth by Lawrence L. Lynch