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Spell check of album

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Correct spelling:
A blank book.
chronicle (noun)
record, newsletter, book, calendar, archive, history, catalog, recital, cashbook, enumeration, inventory, epic, description, scrapbook, chronicle, register, memorandum, narrative, index, statement, memo, notebook, anecdote, bank-book, yearbook, journal, ledger, diary, log, biography, account, newspaper, autobiography, docket, chronology, daybook.
list (noun)
tablet, scrapbook, docket, pad, thesaurus, storybook, invoice, bill, schedule, roster, registry, summary, daybook, inventory, menu, account, file, yearbook, statement, manifest, register, roll, recording, novel, budget, diary, lexicon, dictionary, bank-book, notebook, store, collection, count, log, waybill, documentation, index, total, calendar, workbook, book, check, detail, blank-book, catalog, digest, enumeration, tabulate, treasury, record, score, ledger, sum, journal, logbook, list, scroll, census, cash book, itemization, annals, table, chronicle, annual, repertory, history, recount, tally.
Other synonyms:
address book, cassette, appointment book, compendium, baby book, blotter, reader, datebook, miscellany, portfolio, concept album, liner notes, discography, bootleg, long-playing record, collectanea, memento, compilation, 45, disk, florilegium, flip side, audio book, phonograph album, record album.
Examples of usage:
  1. " She's that handsome girl in the album that Grace had at Sandy, don't you know? - "Marion's Faith.", Charles King.
  2. Thus they talked; except the Soft Lady, who had slipped into a seat by herself with an album over her knees, and with an empty chair on either side of her. - "Further Foolishness", Stephen Leacock.
  3. It stood on the dressing- table, and was similar to that one which he had already seen in album. Whyte's - "The Mystery of a Hansom Cab", Fergus Hume.

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