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Spell check of aim

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Correct spelling:
The pointing of a weapon; the object aimed at; purpose.
To direct a weapon.
To point or level at; to endeavor after.
endeavor (noun)
assay, contract, venture, essay, adventure, performance, endeavor, purpose, approach, exploit, maneuver, job, effort, proceeding, production, project, attempt, undertaking, gambit, commitment, deed, engagement, enterprise, action.
plan (noun)
conception, proposition, expectation, design, premeditation, coordination, intention, invention, plan, idea, scheme, chart, contrivance, arrangement, blueprint, anticipation, plot.
plan (verb)
premeditate, expect, contrive, intend, blueprint, plot, chart, arrange, propose, anticipate, scheme, coordinate, plan, invent, design, conceive.
intention (noun)
strategy, forecast, expectation, procedure, proposal, consideration, intention, agenda, schedule, idea, wish, forethought, policy, prospectus, object, scenario, choice, plan, endeavor, calculation, ambition, scheme, goal, study atpurpose, will, approach.
endeavor (verb)
undertake, endeavor, engage, exploit, proceed, volunteer, assay, perform, commit, maneuver, act, contract, venture, approach, attempt.
intend (verb)
consider, resolve, choose, mean, intend, mind, scheme, wish, endeavor, expect, propose, plan.
direction (noun)
track, itinerary, bearing, trend, route, heading, course, direction, path.
pursuit (noun)
target, objective, life work, profession, destination, search, goal, aspiration, undertaking, ambition, vocation, lodestar, quest, pursuit, mission, intention.
bearing (noun)
orientation, course, fix, vector, heading, location, inclination, position, direction, bearing.
head (verb)
fix, head, steer, vector, bear.
pursue (verb)
track, undertake, follow, quest, trail, strive, tail, seek, hunt, pursue, stalk, intend, search, chase, aspire, endeavor, dog, harry, sleuth.
Other synonyms:
pretension, repulse, utter, intention, invest, bourne, pay off, prey, object lens, set, speak, check, force, engender, take in, train, assume, mother, determination, exact, mark, carriage, baffle, intent, capture, have big ideas/plans, verbalize, nonplus, send, beat back, ingest, put, push, drive, stupefy, lease, postulate, push back, experience, communicate, obtain, declare oneself, coach, manoeuvre, talk, purpose, admit, look at, butt, gravel, cipher, fair game, ride, bet, catch, enunciate, set out, perplex, place, begin, lob, hurl, estimate, cultivate, bring forth, physical object, hit out, get under one's skin, arrest, engineer, read, strike at, prepare, address, quarry, civilize, pick out, demand, draw a bead on, posture, educate, innovation, induce, hold, consume, hire, buzz off, adopt, endeavor, mystify, sustain, target area, go, aspiration, convey, advise, count on, force back, offer, intention, site, need, get, guide, designate, rank, identify, carry, make, select, express yourself, lunge, target, bring, shoot for, labor, objective lens, stick, charter, pitch, rail, start, spirit, necessitate, deal, organize, orient, pack, father, object, header, commence, rate, pop the question, orchestrate, thing, strike, swing, reckon, ask, heraldic bearing, condition, rent, pose, calculate, vex, be going to do something, goal, fling, ram, turn, grade, repel, taper, grow, involve, develop, designing, shoot, contain, plan on, bespeak, purport, throw, cypher, sire, take away, cause, contemplate, channelize, withdraw, propose, conduct, way, aspire, armorial bearing, intent, say, come in, submit, amaze, end, dream, suffer, indicate, charge, look, receive, object glass, labour, envisage, dumbfound, require, bugger off, inclination, start out, produce, come out, swipe, lay, get down, direct, lead, fetch, station, use, remove, pattern, have, toss, acquire, let, tug, incur, take on, repoint, channelise, beget, put (something) into words, discipline, school, work out, figure, puzzle, bearing, civilise, design, signal, luff, objective, flummox, learn, generate, gallery, object, use up, set about, show, find, groom, planned, strike out, nominate, post, study, cast, mastermind, sharpen, drift, occupy, take up, zero in, draw, meaning, comportment, design, range, become, localise, locate, scram, order, purpose, suggest, beat, function, tendency, presence, manoeuver, organise, call for, motor, excogitation, betoken, accept, take, level, come, depend, take aim, localize, slash, claim, subscribe, ideal, mien, stimulate, bewilder, role, point, get hold of, heading, pay back, compute, account, fill, lash out, film, arrive, subscribe to, count.
Examples of usage:
  1. They neither recognised what the aim of their enemy would be, nor at what they should aim themselves. - "Stonewall Jackson And The American Civil War", G. F. R. Henderson.
  2. He was but a short distance away, so acting upon the wild impulse of the instant he stooped down, and finding a stone lying right at his feet, he took careful aim, and hurled it with his full force through the window, straight at the head of his enemy. - "Jess of the Rebel Trail", H. A. Cody.
  3. After we were arrived at the mouth of the river, came the question as to what part of Boston we would aim to strike. - "The Minute Boys of Boston", James Otis.

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