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Spell check of agent

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Correct spelling:
A person or thing that acts; one who acts for another.
servant (noun)
subordinate, deputy, pawn, servant, hand, menial, lieutenant, underling, aide, helping hand, junior, laborer, help, helper, aid, henchman, serf, volunteer, auxiliary, vassal, helpmate, subject, slave, employee, chattel, assistant, aide-de-camp, peon, worker, flunky.
agent (adjective)
deputy, vice.
assistant (noun)
proxy, abettor, minion, second, laborer, functionary, lieutenant, aider, backer, menial, follower, auxiliary, chaperone, patsy, stooge, aide-de-camp, deputy, attorney, henchman, accomplice, extra, partner, helpmate, hireling, junior, assistant, attendant, ancillary, adjunct, associate, flunky, subordinate, aide, accessory, benefactor, underling, servant, helper, employee, acolyte.
causes (noun)
source, impetus, base, trigger, occasion, culprit, catalyst, contributor, influence.
merchant (noun)
supplier, salesclerk, caterer, exporter, seller, salesman, distributor, marketer, monger, businessperson, merchant, trader, merchandizer, saleswoman, retailer, jobber, middleman, storekeeper, dealer, businesswoman, shopkeeper, importer, floorwalker, vendor, businessman, wholesaler, salesperson.
agent (noun)
second, representative, attorney, delegate, vehicle, broker, deputy, emissary, factor, executor, mediator, agency, intermediary, middleman, appointee, substitute, operative, surrogate, impresario, proxy, alternate, actor, lieutenant, instrument, go-between, ombudsman, liaison, auxiliary.
consignee (noun)
receiver, trustee, assignee, deputy, representative, middleman, nominee, go-between, broker, delegate, messenger, consignee, envoy, addressee, acceptor, appointee, ambassador, attache, licensee.
deputy (noun)
attendant, dummy, alternate, backup, delegate, mouthpiece, aide, emissary, second, servant, assignee, helpmate, envoy, proxy, appointee, nominee, helper, spokeswoman, auxiliary, substitute, assistant, surrogate, token, spokesman, ghost, figurehead, stand-in, attorney, lieutenant, acolyte, representative, understudy, double, deputy, arm.
fastener (noun)
string, clamp, suture, link, zipper, hawser, skewer, weld, braid, knot, strap, bracket, brace, medium, pin, fuse, splice, hook, rivet, binding, mediator, cotter, coupling, cement, twine, glue, lace, tie, cleat, band, stay, button, bonding, fastener, belt, middleman, staple, clasp, hitch, hasp, connector, binder, grapnel, mucilage, ligament, latch, closure, vise, chain, buckle, bolt, paste, nail, thread, cinch, cincture, tack, lock, seal, bond, spike, rabbet, brad, catch, stitch, go-between, clinch, anchor, hinge, fastening, snap, knitting, clip, vinculum, guy.
Other synonyms:
performer, element, constituent, legate, tool, asset, diplomat, machinery, stuff, industrial espionage, instrumentation, doer, solicitor, the Budget, counterintelligence, backbench, chief executive, instrument, account executive, investigate, press agent, broker, mechanism, mean, concentrate, espionage, component, negotiator, chief minister, instrumentality, alderwoman, ingredient, alderman, dispatch box, lawyer, chancellor, administrative assistant, mover, Chancellor of the Exchequer, substance, the Commons, agentive role, rep, gene, commissioner, cause, procurator, collaborator, canvasser, matter, assemblywoman, minister, intelligencer, administrator, double agent, spy, material, baron, proctor, collaboration, mole, spokesperson, ministry, federal agent, wax, undercover, collaborate, advocate, the House of Lords, benches, the House of Commons, factor, divisor, regent, cabinet minister, boss, means, operator, filibuster, commissary, the House, factotum, spook, organ, ally, assemblyman, actor, factor, principal, powder, bug, advance person, promoter, steward, cistron, solid, capitalist.
Examples of usage:
  1. He cannot find a better agent than myself. - "The Lion's Share", E. Arnold Bennett.
  2. A., agent of Am. - "History of American Socialisms", John Humphrey Noyes.
  3. And a new agent just appointed. there's - "The Mating of Lydia", Mrs. Humphry Ward.

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