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Spell check of admonish

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Correct spelling:
To advise of a fault; caution; exhort; instruct solemnly; warn.


caution, discourage, monish, reprove, warn.
advise, advocate, brief, caution, confer, consult, counsel, cue, direct, encourage, guide, inform, instruct, notify, prompt, recommend, suggest, warn.
alert, enjoin, exhort, Forewarn.
admonish, discourage, monish, warn.
blame, castigate, censure, chasten, chastise, chide, condemn, criticize, defame, defile, denigrate, denounce, deprecate, deride, disapprove, discredit, disparage, renounce, reproach, scorn, upbraid, vilify.
avert, ban, bar, check, chill, dampen, daunt, deflect, depress, derail, deter, discourage, dishearten, disincline, dissuade, divert, inhibit, intimidate, prevent, restrain.
browbeat, bulldoze, bully, forebode, frighten, harass, hint, scare, threaten, torment.
warn, strongly criticize
advise, berate, call down, censure, check, chide, counsel, ding, draw the line, enjoin, exhort, glue, growl, hoist, jack up, notice, rap, rebuke, reprimand, reprove, scold, tell off, upbraid, warn, Forewarn, call on the carpet, sit on, speak to, talk to, come down hard on, give a going over, give a piece of one's mind, rap on knuckles, slap on wrist, tell a thing or two.
Examples of usage:
  1. As in duty bound, I admonish him kindly, but firmly, on the folly of loading his young shoulders with such effeminate luxuries; often, I fear, hurting his young feelings by brusque advice. – Woodcraft by George W. Sears
  2. Princes and ministers were too ignorant to be themselves sensible of the advantages attending an equitable administration; and there was no established council or assembly which could protect the people, and, by withdrawing supplies, regularly and peaceably admonish the king of his duty, and ensure the execution of the laws. – The History of England, Volume I by David Hume
  3. But Mr. Dodge stood firmly for the parallel of forty- three degrees and thirty minutes, and closed his remarks with these words: I admonish the majority of this House that if the amendment of the gentleman from Ohio is to prevail, they might as well pass an act for our perpetual exclusion from the Union. – History of the Constitutions of Iowa by Benjamin F. Shambaugh
  4. Counsel him, dear sir; admonish him. – Coelebs In Search of a Wife by Hannah More
  5. For being a good instructor, he is willing to admonish us by his holy discipline. – The Forbidden Gospels and Epistles, Complete by Archbishop Wake