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Spell check of acquiesces

Correct spelling:
complies (verb)
concurs, obeys, conforms, bows, defers, fulfills, complies, genuflects, cedes, assents, observes, surrenders, respects, kowtows, yields, bends, agrees, capitulates, knuckles under, submits, caves, succumbs, consents, adheres, accepts.
consents (verb)
allows, endorses, lets, approves, accepts, consents, concurs, sanctions, assents, condones, ratifies.
obeys (verb)
serves, defers, complies, accepts, submits, conforms, obeys.
conforms (verb)
observes, conforms, apes, adheres, submits, complies, mimics.
agrees (verb)
sanctions, stipulates, capitulates, affirms, empathizes, cooperates, promises, agrees, blesses, consents, approves, concurs, pledges, accedes, assents, accepts, welcomes, endorses, contracts, conforms.
Common misspellings:
  1. acquieses (100%)
Examples of usage:
  1. But he acquiesces in their doctrine in so far as shadowy existence in another world inspires in him pleasing hope.
    - no - "Horace and His Influence", Grant Showerman.
  2. Even Gunther acquiesces in this crime, which will leave his sister a widow, and they soon agree that it shall be explained to as a hunting casualty.
    - no - "Horace and His Influence", Grant Showerman. Gutrune - "Stories of the Wagner Opera", H. A. Guerber.
  3. But Job is the very opposite of this; he endures, because there is way out; but he never for a moment acquiesces in the justice of his affliction, and his complaints are both specific and protracted.
    - no - "Horace and His Influence", Grant Showerman. Gutrune - "Stories of the Wagner Opera", H. A. Guerber. no - "The Silent Isle", Arthur Christopher Benson.
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