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Spell check of acquiesces

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Correct spelling:


capitulates, accepts, contracts, accedes, affirms, agrees, approves, assents, blesses, concurs, conforms, consents, cooperates, empathizes, endorses, pledges, promises, sanctions, stipulates, welcomes.
bends, respects, surrenders, adheres, submits, bows, caves, cedes, complies, defers, fulfills, genuflects, knuckles under, kowtows, obeys, observes, succumbs, yields.
Apes, mimics.
condones, ratifies, allows, lets.
Examples of usage:
  1. But he acquiesces in their doctrine in so far as shadowy existence in another world inspires in him no pleasing hope. – Horace and His Influence by Grant Showerman
  2. It was a fit centre for the rule to whose mild sway one- fifth of the human race acquiesces- a rule upheld by so small a force that only the consent of the governed can sustain it. – A Duet by A. Conan Doyle
  3. The humane liberal wants that labor of the mind which works up all material; he wants the mind, that leaves no thing quiet or in its existing condition, that acquiesces in nothing, analyzes everything, criticises anew every result that has been gained. – The Ego and His Own by Max Stirner
  4. " I've talked it over with the Count and he acquiesces," went on the Baron. – The Prince of Graustark by George Barr McCutcheon
  5. To whatsoever thy heart inclines, in whatsoever it acquiesces and rests, and unto whatsoever it cleaves by love and inclination, whether it be good fortune, wealth, honor, power, or long life; that very thing immediately becomes an idol, and has seduced thee into the sin of idolatry. – True Christianity by Johann Arndt