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Spell check of accompany

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Correct spelling:
To go or be with; attend.
accompany (verb)
add, garnish, accessorize, attend, attach, chaperone, second, supplement, adorn, affix, escort, convoy.
coincide (verb)
coincide, synchronize with, agree, concur.
Other synonyms:
go hand in hand, go along, append, postdate, cooccur with, lead, come, go along with, company, collocate with, go together, copy, surveil, complete, watch, come after, overlap, deliver, heed, succeed, espouse, synchronize, keep an eye on, pursue, be, add to, bring, see, walk, watch over, keep abreast, observe, abide by, coexist, conform to, co-occur, stick with, travel along, clash, back, look after, bang out, guide, guard, accompanied, band together, stick to, chaperon, baton, take out, co-occur with, usher, play along, chase, tend, keep company, squire, fall out, go after, blast away, comply, construe with, inhere in, take after, articulation, blast, ensue, haul off, atmospherics, imitate, conduct, companion, shepherd, follow, come with, obey, characterize, occur with, go hand in hand with, drive, practise, beat out, arrange, attach to, keep up, result, survey, consort, trace, go with, adopt.
Examples of usage:
  1. As he met the sheriff he said, quietly, " I have decided to accompany you to Pinon City." - "The Captain of the Gray-Horse Troop", Hamlin Garland.
  2. Most of them wished to accompany White Otter on the perilous expedition. - "Three Sioux Scouts", Elmer Russell Gregor.
  3. If you would really like to go to that house, I will gladly accompany you. - "From Sand Hill to Pine", Bret Harte.

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