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Spell check of accelerator

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Correct spelling:
( chemistry) a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected
car part (noun)
spark plug, bearings, piston, speedometer, manifold, generator, muffler, clutch, differential, odometer, gearshift, dashboard, exhaust, shock absorber, taillights, choke, fan, cylinder, hood, bumper, gear, radiator, headlights, horn, ignition, cowl, crankshaft, connecting rod, carburetor, crankcase, gearbox, transmission, chassis, brake, distributor, windshield, steering wheel, glove compartment, fender, camshaft.
Other synonyms:
throttle, gas pedal, accelerator pedal, throttle valve, particle accelerator, gas, atom smasher, catalyst, gun.
Examples of usage:
  1. He jammed his own accelerator down to the floor and plunged on. - "Operation Terror", William Fitzgerald Jenkins.
  2. Likening one energy machine to another, the thyroid may be compared to the accelerator of an automobile. - "The Glands Regulating Personality", Louis Berman, M.D..
  3. He kicked the accelerator, and the little car whizzed off in the twilight. - "His Dog", Albert Payson Terhune.

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