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Spell check of ability

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Correct spelling:
Power; talent.
skill (noun)
flair, capability, acuity, artfulness, adeptness, cunning, mastery, expertise, aptitude, knack, genius, know-how, dexterity, talent, proficiency, skill, adroitness, deftness, technique, craft, competence, facility, experience.
Other synonyms:
exponent, savvy, knowledge, finesse, art, cleverness, susceptibility, inability, top executive, head, baron, comprehension, tycoon, business leader, finish, command, powerfulness, gift, expertness, big businessman, mightiness, ignorance, world power, what it takes, power, king, potency, mogul, force, strength, quickness, artistry, inexperience, office, qualification, competency, understanding, faculty, ineptitude, prowess, great power, eligibility, ingenuity, index, readiness, might, efficiency, capableness, touch, superpower, intelligence, tact, magnate, cogency, capacity, energy, background, sufficiency, incompetence, artifice, major power, efficacy, sense, bent.
Examples of usage:
  1. possessed confidence in his ability to make good in the world. Vaniman youth's - "When Egypt Went Broke", Holman Day.
  2. Experience has much to teach them, and so have men and women of extraordinary ability. - "The Book of Business Etiquette", Nella Henney.
  3. The Filipinos knew the city much better than the Americans and had been possessed with the nerve and ability he could have entered with his superior numbers and captured the city. Aguinaldo - "A Soldier in the Philippines", Needom N. Freeman.

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