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Spell check of abbreviate

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Correct spelling:
shorten; " Abbreviate ` New York' and write ` NY'"
contract (verb)
squeeze, contract, abridge, wither, shrink, condense, compact, compress, deflate.
diminish (verb)
contract, deplete, clip, curtail, decrease, minimize, bob, diminish, reduce, shave, concentrate, lessen, downgrade, pare, compact, nip, erode, shorten, cull, taper, condense, trim, truncate, shear, dwindle, drain, shrink, crop, lighten, abridge, prune, weed, deflate, decrement, compress.
decrease (verb)
compress, curtail, truncate, die down, abridge, lessen, deduct, shrink, compact, diminish, erode, dwindle, decrement, lower, recede, shorten, concentrate, subside, drain, contract, decrease, deflate, deplete, abate.
curtail (verb)
reduce, discontinue, curtail, fragment, decrease, shorten, diminish, minimize.
Other synonyms:
contract, cut, foreshorten, shorten, abridge.
Examples of usage:
  1. Permission, under certain circumstances, still further to abbreviate the Office of the Communion of the Sick might, however, be sought without giving reasonable cause of alarm to any, and general consent might perhaps also be had for a provision with respect to the Exhortation, " Dearly beloved in the Lord," that in " Churches where there is frequent Communion it shall suffice to read the Exhortation above written once in a month on the Day." Lord's - "A Short History of the Book of Common Prayer", William Reed Huntington.
  2. In this case it is permissible to abbreviate, but it is better form to write the name in full. - "Practical Grammar and Composition", Thomas Wood.
  3. Yet it's so like the long, expansive, good- natured, eloquent fellow it stands for, that I must not shorten it, though we shall presently abbreviate it for purposes of affectionate reference. - "The Romance of Zion Chapel [3d ed.]", Richard Le Gallienne.

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