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unclad, denude, divest, undress, expose, strip, shed, unclothe, disrobe, bare. shuck, shell, cover, study at skin, husk, peeling. skin, pillage, take off, crumble, rind, Robert Peel, hull, disintegrate, flake, struggle, foray, splinter, flesh, fragment, desquamate, smash, pare, surface, bruising, ransack, scrape, trim, sputter, bake, rifle, pelt, discase, flake off, extract, shinny, reave, peel off, disrobe, remove, carve, uncase, blanch, leach, weed out, clean, bone, break up, unclothe, deprive, Sir Robert Peel, clamber, shatter, take, strip down, core, butcher, butter, dextrose, nectar, flay, break, butchery, pectin, undress, chill, plunder, bark, denudate, scramble, cutis, get out, dismantle, disinvest, beat, shin, juice, pare down, tegument, hide, peelings, dislodge, flay, loot, whittle, despoil, blend, strip, clear, fall apart, sweep away, hull, flush out.


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How do you spell 50 in words?

How to write 50? The answer is: fifty.
Correct spelling:
Other synonyms:
cubic decimeter, liter, litre, fifty dollar bill, lambert, l, fifty, cubic decimetre.
Examples of usage:
  1. " When we talked of taking England by surprise," said Alexander, " we never thought of less than 30, 000. Now that she is alert and ready for and that it is certain we must fight by sea and by land, 50, 000 would be few." us, - "History of the United Netherlands, 1586-89, Vol. II. Complete", John Lothrop Motley Last Updated: February 7, 2009.
  2. Now go out toward the mouth of our cave, and measure off 50 feet. - "The Wonder Island Boys: Exploring the Island", Roger Thompson Finlay.
  3. " Next train leaves at 4: 50," said the man, without looking up. - "A Sweet Little Maid", Amy E. Blanchard.

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