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candy cane, shekels, kale, cabbage, candy bar, lolly, pelf, all-day sucker, sucker, lettuce, candy, gelt, bonbon, clams, wampum, loot, center, lucre, candyfloss, candy apple, bread, popsicle, chew, moolah, dinero, simoleons, dough, caramel, scratch, bubble gum, boodle, lollipop, sugar.


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How do you spell 43 in words?

How to write 43? The answer is: forty-three.
Correct spelling:
Examples of usage:
  1. First he tapped at the door of 43 and counted the men in the room, shut the door and walked about 7 paces to the next door, tapped and entered. - "The Escaping Club", A. J. Evans.
  2. 43 we have a larger capacity. - "Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son", John Mills.
  3. In this sense, then, our aggregate trade in these commodities in instead of being 41 millions worse than was 43 millions better. 1886, 1873, - "Are we Ruined by the Germans?", Harold Cox.